Wednesday, 5 February 2014


There is a competition for adult learners to make something inspired by the V&A collection. This idea is too technical to finish by the March deadline, but maybe next year...

I've looked online for how to make a praxinoscope, (optical Victorian toy in the Museum of Childhood). Lots of people have made them but no one is sharing... if I ever finish this, I will put up step by step instructions. The idea for the figure is a dancer based on Karen in the Red Shoes, probably in etchings.

Anyway, I've made a start. This is a try at an old fashioned technique called rotoscoping  to break down the dancing steps. Rotoscoping is used most famously in the Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds sequence in the Yellow Submarine, and I think in the first Disney film, Snow White. It breaks down the film frame by frame and the artist traces the movement.  I used a free video to jpeg converter, it was great. I like rotoscoping a whole lot more than CGI.

 I would like to know how to make the whole thing, rotating disk and all, but I've cheated here and used a lazy susan.

Next job is to make the mirror that reflects the pictures in the middle. I think you have to be quite mathematical and precise. 


  1. You have a lazy susan? And I haven't been asked over for chip and dip?

  2. Teehee! It is the world's smallest lazy susan. Hardly worth having. It was gifted to me by my stepmother, who was clearly gifted it herself and didn't want it either.