Sunday, 16 February 2014

Le Gun

I'm doing this! Excited but a bit nervous...


 " I need only to brush shoulders with the artists of Le Gun to be imbued with the elixir of life, which is so vital that it makes my hair stand on end, metaphorically speaking of course, as i am bald."
Andrzej Klimowski, Professor of Illustration, the Royal College of Art

LE GUN work together on each drawing they make, creating idiosyncratic imagery which blends a punk, occult, pop and surrealist aesthetic. Established in 2004, LE GUN is a group consisting of five artist illustrators (Bill Bragg, Chris Bianchi, Neal Fox, Robert Rubbish, and Steph von Reiswitz) and two designers (Alex Wright and Matt Appleton) who met at London’s Royal College of Art.

As well as being the producers of their cult self-titled magazine, the group are internationally recognised for their enigmatic installations, design projects and art shows. Most recently they built a shamanic ambulance pulled by urban foxes for the exhibition Memory Palace at the Victoria and Albert museum. The particular style they have developed, in which the sum is greater than the parts, is what makes LE GUN’s group aesthetic so distinctive.

Their independent graphic art publication provides a common ground for both emerging and established artists, illustrators, writers and poets.

Now for the first time Le Gun are opening the doors on their creative a lecture on the work of Le Gun and the theme of the session and then spend the day working with the artists on large scale collaborative drawings in an informal and fun atmosphere. In our first workshop RANDOM FACTOR we will be generating ideas using the cut up technique explored by the Dadaists, William Burroughs and David Bowie, using chance combinations of location, character, object and scenario.


  1. Sharpen your scissors and enjoy yourself!

    Btw - saw the Daumier at the RA before it closed. Knockout.

  2. Thank you! I persuaded a friend to come with. I am so glad you saw the Daumier, wasn't he amazing?