Saturday, 18 June 2011


A very, very old photo (in fact my model lost the negative, so this was blown up from a teeny tiny contact strip) that was turned into a photoetching. This accounts for the blurry nature of it.

This was my first experience of using Photoshop. It is a great tool but there's a lot to learn. I think this is far more gritty & grainy than I'd imagined, I need to practice.

I think I prefer the old school technique of using a photocopy, instead.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


This figure (from the mobile I made for the Freud Museum exhibition) was a monoprint. It's the simplest technique but unrepeatable, unlike most forms of printmaking. You can draw your image into ink on a smooth surface (maybe glass or plastic) then rub your paper carefully onto it - it will pick up the white space of the design. Or as in this case, you can paint your design in ink then place it against your printing paper - the kind of method kids use to make symmetrical butterfly pictures.

Here not all the 'information' (as proper printmakers say) got transferred to the paper so I had to cheat a little bit and draw in the detail. It also led to me cheating as I had to scan and print it in reverse (as you can't ever repeat a monoprint exactly. And especially not in reverse.)


The figure at the bottom in the second photo was also made this way. Monoprinting is simple but fun. With practice you can probably refine it and get some more sophisticated results.