Saturday, 22 August 2015


We had our first collective meet up in Epping Forest. I've been meaning to go for the 8 (wow) years I've lived in East London. It is beautiful, but surrounded by very busy roads, so not really much like a real forest. I appear to have lost the sketchbook, so these are all that remain.

We also now have a name for our collective, hurrah! I will reveal it shortly, when we actually do something. 

Tree trunks

Water in the lake. Water is tricky.

plant skeleton

Nature does it much better.

Monday, 10 August 2015


We have found a studio share.  I can't believe it, as it's hard to find/afford them, especially in Central London (this is Makespace studios in Waterloo).

When I say studio share, I really mean sublet, as we're sharing the space with two others, a composer/musician and a painter. They'll use it in the week and we'll use it in the evenings and at weekends. Our little corner is small, but it's a start.

And hopefully, if another one comes up in the same complex, we'll be able to get one to ourselves.

So far, we didn't have a desk to work on, so we've been renting but not using the space. Wei managed to get a desk there this weekend, the hero, so now I must get into a routine of going. Very luckily for me, it's a 15 minute walk from work.

It all has started to happen around Southwark.   I've started working there; our studio is 15 minutes away; Intaglio Printmakers is 5 minutes away, the most essential & professional printmaking shop in London, if not the UK.  

I've also signed up to do etching with an artist I really admire at the Art Academy in Borough. They have an open access studio with presses, so potentially I can go our studio and prepare work, then print it up on the presses at the Art Academy on weekends.

London is magnificent like that.