Thursday, 29 August 2013


For my next trick, I will try a three colour linocut.  Norman Ackroyd once said if you get your technique down, you're halfway to beating the competition. Or words to that effect.

This is not for any special project or exhibition, I'm going to try & teach myself with this one so I can see how it's done. I've worked in black and white for long enough, and now I want to master colour. And make something a bit more complex.

But it's a good idea to start with a simple image. Why ducks? I don't know, I like them. I like teals especially.*

First, find your duck.

Image found on Google. Sorry, photographer, I did not make a note.  If you are really good, you can find a real live duck and draw it in situ.

Next, draw your duck. 


Then, colour your duck. I wanted to colour with pencils so that there are nice defined areas of colour to make it easier when it comes to making the 3 plates, but apparently I don't have any colour pencils so acrylic had to suffice.

Coloured in ducks.

In my head, the final print will have the same kinds of colours as this Paul Klee painting, but we shall see.

Coming next: turning the drawing into three separate printing plates.

* Actually am not entirely above sordid commerce. I noticed that little bird prints did really well at the RA Summer Show. Edition of 50 @ £150 a pop = not a bad day's work.


  1. What gorgeous little ducks, you are a talented lady! x

  2. Thank you Vix! I do love your blog.