Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Wood engraving - but on plastic!

I did not find the engraver's plastic as satisfying as working on wood. And not entirely happy with this image, but I will rework it, no time in the studio. (This is from a photo by Alessandra Meniconzi from the Royal Geographic Photography exhibition, I would link to it except they have an annoying scrolling flash display. )

Still, we had a beautiful two days in the studio, lovely people, lovely tutor, lovely chat, learned a lot.  14 hours of pure pleasure. The people I meet in this world are 95% happier than the ones I see at work every day. Why can't I do this all the time?

Tip for new engravers: do not choose an image which is of the snowy wastes. Basically, lots of black is what you want, not lots of white.
Engravers' plastic

Transferring the image

Starting to engrave

final print - darker than I wanted

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