Friday, 9 August 2013

Art Hierarchy

I was going to write a post about this, but I think this said it all actually.

(I meant the woman brandishes the sword, not the tiger, by the way. You know what I mean.)



  1. Comic book art/cartoons? Illustration? Graffiti? Doodles? Cocks on walls?

    Also, does the identity of the artists sometimes outweigh the medium? Where would you put a poster by Toulouse-Lautrec or a woodcut by Dürer?

  2. It's only in jest Tim, and inspired by a remark Chris Pig made, that you would never see a wood engraver win the Turner Prize. It made me think there isn't really any such thing as the art world, there are many independent art worlds. But there is a definite snobbery at work between some of those worlds, that would rank art into a hierarchy. (I don't believe in hierarchies, I'm an ANARCHIST.)

    But I guess if I had to put all of those anywhere, they'd go in the category of Graphic Art.

    Interesting - I think that Dürer would come under Old Master, woodcuts and all. Clearly, we bow down before his engravings and woodcuts, but at the time they were seen as a way to disseminate (sp?) his real work, his paintings - the prints were the bedroom wall poster art of the times. They helped to make him famous when his paintings were in private collections in rich people's houses.

    Also, I worship Toulouse-Lautrec, when I win the Lottery the first thing I would buy is any of his whorehouse pictures, but I wonder if his posters were seen as fine art at the time.

  3. Yeah, I think Mr Pig said something similar to me back in the last millennium, but he was waving a gun around at the time, so I probably wasn't paying attention. Happy days.

  4. where did you meet, Tim? And what did you do to upset him...?

  5. He was at Exeter Art College when I was at university. I think we both fancied the same person. I read TS Eliot to her; he let her borrow his Luger for her protection. Neither of us was successful.