Saturday, 22 June 2013

British Museum Print exhibition

One of the underused wonders of London is the Print room at the British Museum, tucked away on the 4th Floor. The British Museum holds untold treasures (you can visit the print study room and order up prints to look at, I believe you have to make an appointment.)

But I  like the exhibition room, they have started to do more to put the work on show to the general public, though they are not great at advertising these exhibitions. At the moment they have Kitaj and a whole random selection from their collection.

Goya, Love and Death etching. The paper's a bit wrinkly but we won't hold that against him. 
Peter Blake, These etchings won me over and convinced me he's not just a jammy lucky sod. These are beautifully etched with the drawing just built up by cross hatching.

This one was etched then painted, it made me think about reworking some of my old prints by painting on them.

This was from another undiscovered gallery, the Brunel Gallery which is part of SOAS in UCL. UCL has lots of great little museums tucked away, like the Grant Museum (stuffed animals) and the Petrie Museum (Egyptology.) UCL is like a little city within a city in London. These were from a tiny but beautiful exhibition on 100 years of Japanese book art. 

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