Friday, 14 June 2013

Foil blocking

If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done.

I was pretty relaxed about the cover, mainly because I was freaking so much about making the book.

Now I have the book block (the pages sewn but without the cover) and I had booked a foil blocking workshop at the magnificent London Centre for Book Arts. I'll take my paper, print the cover, all finished and sorted with a week to spare.

Nothing so simple.

I didn't know that you can't use letterpress for foil blocking, the heat would mess up the type. You have to order a block for whatever you want to foil block from a specialist company. (Metallic Elephant, in this case).

There's always just one more step than I anticipated. It's ordered now, and I'm going in on Sunday to print the cover. Cross fingers, I will be done on Sunday. I've been thinking about this and working on it for about a year.

Still we had a great time at the foil blocking workshop. It is totally addictive. You can foil block on all sorts of surfaces, paper, thin wood, card, glassine... Here is a picture of the different papers and colour foils,

This is a link to some beautiful foil blocked work. I especially love the playing cards.

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  1. Foiling onto uncoated stocks always looks great! Good luck :)