Sunday, 2 June 2013

Learning curve

Ran after work to pick up my paper from John Purcell in Stockwell, I'd pictured a shop but it's a massive warehouse and you enter through the carpark. For any first time paper buyers like me, here's how it works:

  • Enter warehouse via carpark
  • Walk through warehouse to little staircase at the back 
  • Go upstairs to the office
  • Tell them what you want and pay for it. 
  • Take the receipt down to the boys on the warehouse floor, who will find it, and roll it into a nice roll for you with a masking tape handle. 

I had a eureka moment when I realised I could get the tube all the way from Brixton to Walthamstow without navigating and changing lines with my massive carpet like roll of paper, which would have led to some Laurel & Hardy moments and extreme stress during rush hour.


Owing to non mathematical brain, I purchased twice as much as I need and now have more Heritage Bookwhite 120 gsm than I will ever be able to use Not sure where to store it. I NEED A STUDIO & PLANCHESTS.

Anyway. Now I know why there was a notice up in the warehouse saying "We do not cut paper". It is a tricky wrangling such huge sheets of paper and cutting it to size.. Was up til 2.00 am trying to cut it with a scalpel with nice straight lines, and making a mess of it.

I realised my puny 30 cm ruler is not up to the job. So, off to Atlantis Arts today to find a big ruler.  There's always something more needed, but I guess you learn by doing it.


  1. Once carried a huge rolled carpet removed from a skip in Kensington, to Finchley via the tube. There were two of us but my partner was shorter than me and we were sober.
    Didn't have to cut it up on arrival thank God.

  2. Teehee! I love the idea of you and the shorter partner. Do you still have the carpet?