Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Generally I think 'if you can't say something nice...' but I'm in a bitchy mood, and can contain it no longer.

I hate Alistair Sooke. I don't think this is too strong a word. There seems to be a dearth of good stuff on art  on the BBC recently, and yet he is everywhere. He seems to have the monopoly on it.

But he's charmless, unappealing, uninteresting, ubiquitous.

Why is he ubiquitous? I just had a look on Wikipedia, and yep, all is present and correct...

'Westminster... Oxford... Courtauld...' Surprise, surprise.

Still, Andrew Graham Dixon probably has a similar CV, and I love him.  He could present every programme on TV and I'd be happy.

Sooke is the anti-Graham Dixon.


  1. I just checked AG-D's Wiki page. He doesn't have a similar CV — he has *exactly* the same CV. Same school, even. And yesterday I was watching him in some telly thing and he said "the French philosopher Descartes", like, yeah, as distinct from the Swedish astronaut Descartes, eh?

    You should present art shows, Annie. I'd watch that.

  2. Thanks, hon. I'm terrified of cameras though, and have a good face for radio.

    I'm surprised at AG-D, he's not usually patronising.