Sunday, 5 April 2015

Etching lino week 3

Once the caustic has etched into the lino overnight, you wash it off with water. The etched lino has turned into a layer of sludge. Once you can see the grey, you are left with the etched plate.

Steve washing off the caustic.


You also need to clean off any of the black stopout before you're ready to print. This can be done with wire scrubbers, greenwash or white spirit. 

My second plate ready to be inked up.

The plate inked up on the press.  Steve uses foam board to register the plate in the right place, and to hold the paper. Clever!

Proof of one of my plates in black.
Proof of second plate in black

This is the proof of my key plate, which will go on top and hold the whole thing together.

Steve then scanned my proofs into Photoshop, and demonstrated how he plays around with the colours to work out what colour inks he will use when he prints.

It looked so beautiful and amazing, unfortunately I didn't get any photos.

He then encouraged us to print one of our plates in red and one in blue, just to get an idea of how they will work printed together.

This is the result. It's very far away from my usual monochrome comfort zone, and very bold. But you can see how it gives a much more complex, layered image than my usual simple stuff.  That's what I wanted to learn.

Next week; printing all three blocks together... can't wait.

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