Friday, 25 April 2014

Friday Night Draw

Friday night is good for free drop in drawing at the National Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery and probably other places.


The teacher told us just to draw the arms and hands in this painting. Trying to get them in the right place. 

Yes, some are suffering from 'bunch of bananas' syndrome, but just you try it.

This was a great exercise, if you went to the National Gallery everyday and concentrated purely on drawing hands,you'd get much better at it.

This was from Gentileschi's The Finding of Moses.

 I can now tell you that Gentileschi was a contemporary of Caravaggio (who got him into trouble, Caravaggio being the trouble maker he was). This was commissioned by Charles I when Gentileschi visited England.

This painting was a bit of propaganda and a PR attempt for Charles; as Moses was the little baby who was nearly executed,  went on to be king of his people and led them all out of slavery.

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  1. Drawing a painting is less satisfying than drawing a real live person, but is easier for these reasons:

    The model keeps very, very still

    They are at a fixed angle, or your point of view of them is fixed

    The artist has already done all the hard work of rendering something 3D into 2D for you