Monday, 21 April 2014

Oil vs watercolour

We're about to start our second painting module, working in oil paints.

I enjoyed working with oil in the studio, but was not particularly enamoured by what I made - it looked like some horrendous kind of 70s wall art that you'd find in the lobby of an office block, in the 70s. All orange and purple.

This tutor is keen on us doing abtract work but I've come to realise I've got no imagination whatsoever. This makes abstract work hard. I'd rather tackle something I can see in front of me.

Anyway, I asked her to recommend some oil paint and she said not to bother with the student brands.
I bought a little starter kit of Michael Harding paints and started yesterday with them, but I think it is pearls before swine.

We have to paint and draw observations of a room we live in now, and memories of a room from the past.

Really not very inspired at the moment.

Currently, watercolour is winning out over oil paint. It seems to do a bit more of the work for you. You can get away with more, it's more suggestive.


With the oil paint, what I've made is so crude, it makes me want to set in on fire, then bury it in the garden.

(It reminds me of my friend Emma, when asked to do a drawing for our friend's little girl. "What I drew was so bad, it made her cry.")
Oil paint 

Also, the turpentine gives you a wicked headache. Looks like I might be a wussy watercolourist, not a macho oil painter.

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