Friday, 8 November 2013


This is from our sketchbook project, aka "mucking about". Take some source material

And then experiment  with it using different resources - ink, charcoal, photocopy, scalpel, scissors, glue, collage, decollage, felt tips, paint... and with formal elements like scale, colour, texture, line... The challenge was to make it 3D in some way too.

(Apparently, I shun the colour. Everyone else's sketchbooks were beautiful jewel-like colour symphonies. I seem to be channelling my inner 15 year old Goth.)

This is a different way of working for me. It is strange not to start with an idea of what to make but see where the process takes you.  This is what they tell you it is all about. Not the final product, but the process. Like life, innit?

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