Thursday, 25 July 2013

Good teachers

Sometimes I think about what I will do when I win the lottery and can give up all this working and commuting nonsense and do an art degree. Then I look at all the workshops and classes I've done over the past few years and realise that I more or less have done an art degree. If you think of the time and the money. And the expertise and skill of all the artists... 

Sometimes you don't appreciate what you have, thinking about what you wish you had. But it makes me think how lucky I've been to meet them all and work with them. And how lucky too that they're all such patient, knowledgeable teachers, as well as gifted artists. 

So below is a list of the artists with links to their websites and studios, under the workshop that I've taken with them. (Please click and check out their work, you won't be sorry.) It's a useful record for me,  as well as a thank you to them.

(I should also mention my friend Philippa Merrett who  I met at ELP, who as well as being an inspirational printmaker has generously got me in to life drawing classes at the RA and many an exhibition there.)

Drawing & Painting
Tony Hull - Life Drawing City Lit
Simon Burder - Drawing 1, City Lit
Giles Eldridge Painting 1, City Lit

Nick Morley - Intro to printmaking, ELP. Nick has moved to Margate and set up his own studio there.
Jesse Leroy Smith Printmaking Summer School, Farnham School of Art. I love his work. 

Printmaking techniques
Victoria Browne - Photopolymer gravure, Opificio della Rosa. Victoria runs Kaleid Editions, specialising in artist books.
Dolores de Sade - Intermediate Etching, ELP
Amanda Taylor - Collographs, ELP
Wuon Gean Ho - Japanese vinyl, ELP
Chris Pig - Linocut, ELP

 Katy Goutefangea  Introduction to Book-Binding ELP
 Michelle Avison and Penny Stanford Introduction to Book Arts - Slaughterhaus
Sarah Bryant Drum leaf Binding - London Centre for Book Arts

Helen Ingham - Print Workshop St Brides. Helen's work is published at Hi-Artz Press

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