Monday, 1 June 2020

The allotments

Every day from the age of around 6 to age 11 I walked twice a day through the allotments to home. It was the quickest way to get to school. I'd forgotten all about it but remembered with my desire for allotments (and some green space which hasn't been colonised by joggers.)

It must be still there!

I never thought much about them when I was walking to school. We were deeply unimpressed back in the day. We weren't really interested in plants or gardening, and there was always an unromantic aroma of cabbage.

But fast forward 40 years and I love plants! I love greenhouses. My MA final project was based on them. I love the patchwork of people's different plots, the structures (teepees and cold frames and old sheds), the idea of growing food locally, and the way that gardening sorts out your mental health.

So I went on a walk down memory lane. It was beautiful, and a revelation.


  1. I hope you can get an allotment before too long. I love growing vegetables, though I'm lucky enough to have a kitchen garden. I think the friendliness of allotments is part of the charm - but basically, I like vegetables and I'm greedy.

  2. Hello Z! How fantastic to have a kichen garden, that's the dream! There are a few allotments around here,so cross fingers x