Sunday, 14 June 2015

E17 Arts Trail

More about the Graphic Novel course. soon.

Meanwhile.... I sold some prints on the E17 Arts Trail! Hurrah!

The show was themed on Favourite Words. It was on at the curator Katja's flat for the past two weeks.

It then moves on to the Leytonstone Arts Trail, to a new cafe/bookshop called All You Read is Love. 

Then it will move to Moka East cafe in the Olympic park. 

 Some people liked my beasts!

I can't find the catalogue online, but here was my text to accompany the print:

The Lama

 The one-l lama,
 He's a priest.
 The two-l llama,
 He's a beast.
 And I will bet
 A silk pajama
 There isn't any
 Three-l lllama.

Ogden Nash

PS, these aren't llamas, they are alpacas. 

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