Sunday, 22 February 2015

Weedy aesthetes

The thing is about Art is that it's not Sport. It's not about competition and sublimating your feelings in support of your team. It's Arty,  not Hearty.

Despite my love of Una Stubbs, I find myself objecting to the Big Painting Challenge. Why must everything be a competition? First cakes, then clothes, now art.

Force everything into a rank of 'first' and 'worst'. Shoehorn everything into 3 hours (Okay Turner - forget those luminous layers of oil glaze which take months to dry - you've got 3 hours!)

And take amateurs in middle age, new to art, and then thoroughly crush their efforts.  

I wouldn't mind if they were teaching them, and encouraging them. But they give them projects, then piss all over their attempts.


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