Thursday, 1 January 2015

Rembrandt & Colour at the National

It was a good year for the National Gallery, but then it always is. (I remember a drawing tutor saying at City Lit that we were London's closest art college to one of the world's greatest art galleries, which must make us one of the greatest art colleges...)

Making Colour- fascinating exhibition on how different pigments were made and used throughout art history, using paintings from the collection to illustrate. Where art meets science.  (A bit naughty that they charged for this show, when it was all work from the permanent collection though.)

Also they ran some research on how people perceive colour at the end, in a short film where you voted on what you could see using a digital keypad.

Rembrandt: The Late Works

I don't know what to say about this, just that it's the kind of thing that makes you realise how lucky you are to live in the world capital of art - you don't need to go anywhere, it all comes to you. Seriously, this was a once in a lifetime show of the great works of a great artist, works borrowed from other galleries which rarely ever leave their homes. Lucky lucky lucky.

And here is Hockney, more articulate than me, on the best drawing in the world, which is by Rembrandt

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