Sunday, 21 December 2014

Who are you?

This was the year I came around to Grayson Perry. Mostly because I watched the programmes, and he was so charming, interesting, non-judgemental and engaged in his portrait subjects.

 He bases his work on himself, but it doesn't preclude his interest in other people and the world around him.

I loved the idea of his creating individual portraits which were also a portrait of 21st century society. He was so sensitive in the way he talked to people, and so imaginative in the way he conceived the portraits - the ones that stood out-

the large women as modern Venus de Willendorf,

Alex, a young female to male transexual as a statue of Peter Pan combined with a Benin bronze

 and the Northern Irish Loyalists on a banner in a kind of camp, retro, pantomime style.

I like art which puts ordinary people in the foreground. Fair play to Grayson Perry, and to the National Portrait Gallery, this is exactly what they should be doing to counteract those rooms and rooms of Royalty and MPs.

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