Thursday, 18 December 2014

2014 top ten countdown

Hello little blog. I haven't forgotten you really.

And to make it seem like it's still going, I will separate my top ten into separate posts.

This year started out quite innocuous but has been an absolute shocker, but the art has still been splendid.

In no particular order, then...

 Comics Unmasked - Art and Anarchy in the UK at the British Library.

This was a really beautiful show, lovingly curated by someone (Paul Gravett) who it was very clear knew his stuff and wanted to communicate it to the public. It went into the history of how comics and graphic novels evolved and explored different themes. Lots of writer and artist heroes included here,  and it was especially fascinating to see Alan Moore's page proofs for me as an aspiring comic/fanzine writer.

(I saw Paul Gravett with artist hero Dave McKean give a talk at Westminster Library this year, another high point. )

The best bit of the Comics Unmasked show was discovering a new amazingly talented, inspiring and funny writer and artist, Gareth Brookes.

In one of the displays was a page from his graphic novel The Black Project, it caught my attention because it was made from linocuts (cough) and embroidery.

It also caught my attention because it was about a lonely young boy who decides to construct himself a girlfriend. " I made her vagina out of a red sock. I sprinkled it with glitter to make it more special'.

I MUST READ THIS IMMEDIATELY, I thought. I bet they don't have it in the shop, though.

It made my day when I came out of the exhibition through the shop and saw a lovely big pile of The Black Project on display.  It had won a first graphic novel prize.

I recommend it very much. Very funny, quite twisted, beautiful art.

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