Sunday, 29 December 2013

Life drawing at the NPG

This time it was a lovely drop in life class, with a lovely helpful tutor in contrast to last time.

Did you know some people in London will spend their Friday nights in a lecture theatre in the National Portrait Gallery drawing naked people on a stage? And it's free? I love London. 

I put these here for general lolz and amusement, not because I'm proud of them.

5 minute pose

Drawing with the left hand

Long pose. Look, I didn't have my glasses, alright?

Single line drawing, 1 minute pose. 

The one on the left was drawn with a pen and a pencil in each hand, drawing the two sides simultaneously - pretty impossible, but fun. It is my favourite because with the pear shape, though I was looking at the model inadvertently it's turned into a self portrait.

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