Monday, 7 October 2013


Final 3 colour block print, finally.


I'm not sure that this image reads clearly. And the ink is a bit muddy and crude. Still, I learned a lot doing this, mainly that I need help with registration (lining the three plates up so they print in the right place.)

There might be a case for a little bit of cheating mixed media enhancement by colour pencils to make it easier to see what it is.

It has given me a newfound respect for artists like Paul Catherall and Gail Brodholt - the latter also prints using reduction linocut method, (using one plate and cutting each colour away successively) which is also known as the suicide method.

Still, it's all a learning curve.   It  would be good if I could show it to a tutor  so they could give feedback and advice, but paradoxically I also don't want anyone to see it.

Speaking of which, I found this yesterday - an article by Kurt Ralske on criticism in art school, (Kurt Ralske was in Ultra Vivid Scene, who I loved in the 80s, and is now a successful artist and teacher.) Though I have to say, so far on the Fine Art course at City Lit the tutors are all absurdly positive in their feedback. We are going to come out thinking we are GENIUSES.


  1. *Stands back in amazement that you attempt this fiendishly tricky art*. 'Registration' and the 'suicide method'....I learns a lot here.

  2. Good good! I can't claim to have mastered it yet...