Sunday, 26 May 2013

On the importance of paper

I got all happy today when I thought that I'd finished the last image and was ready to start printing and assembling a model book. (This is so I can see how it fits together and hopefully getting all the mistakes out the way before making the real thing with expensive paper.)

Then I realised I was missing a W. Somehow it didn't appear it my alphabet list. Arses.

LC suggested W for Winston (Churchill), but I might go with W for Waterloo(Sunset.)

Still, I started to print the model without a W, as time is running out.

Novel use of clothes drier.
I also started to make some proofs from the lovely paper sent to me by paper maestros, John Purcell. This is a fantastic service, you can call them or email them with your requirements and they will send you some sample paper to print with before you commit to one type. They sent a lovely generous parcel of papers and I had fun trying them out. I asked them for something sturdy to make a book with that people could handle, but that would be okay for printing by hand without a press.  You can see some of the results below.

Some of them picked up the ink smoothly, some of them  needed a lot more pressure. It's finding a balance between something that looks and feels nice, and is relatively heavy, and something that prints cleanly without too much of the whiteness of the paper showing through. Onwards and upwards.

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