Monday, 7 May 2012

Bootleg Penguins

These are work in progress for a show one of my friends is planning as part of the Leytonstone Arts Trail. The works have to be inspired by things picked up in charity shops. I have a ready-made subject here as my collection of Penguins from the 60s is getting out of control. But it was a great era for book cover design.

I realised that I wanted to have a go at some cover images, this is one I re-read recently that I'm fond of. A lot of the cover designs I admire are very graphic, black and white, simple, making use of negative space. I thought a linocut would translate well for this style,  but it's not as easy as it looks, I've got a way to go. These look very home-made & wonky, hence the bootleg Penguins. (made with roller, acrylic, linocut and etching ink. And some tinkering in Paint - one day I'll get Photoshop.)

I might print up some covers in the Penguin orange, and leave some blank with black pens available for visitors to design their own covers.

Which is best, on white or on orange?


  1. I prefer the white. A little orange goes a long way. But they're both brilliant, darling, of course...

  2. Ooh! Controversy!

    Thanks, both.

  3. I like white for a framed picture, but for an actual book cover I love the orange. That probably doesn't help.