Thursday, 8 December 2011

How not to make a reduction linocut

We learned how to make a reduction linocut at the workshop. You carve away parts of your image successively (so your print run is limited) and print up layer over layer of different colours. You have to imagine your lino tool is a different colour pencil each time when you're carving it out, to keep the different colours straight in your head.

I was out of ideas and asked on Twitter for suggestions. One that I liked was "an Iguanadon giving a thumbs up like Fonzie" (see below) but this was a bit complicated as we had 10 people making 8 prints each with the reduction method, so time was tight.

This robin was a bit simpler.

robin plate

I still cocked it up though. What colour is fairly key for a robin red breast? What colour did I do instead? Oops.

robin on purple

robin on blue


  1. I appreciate my Fonzisaurus, even if you couldn't be bothered to turn it into one of your fancy pants prints, or even draw it on a blank piece of paper.

  2. Eh, you are demanding LC - I will make it into a print one day, if you're nice.

    Thanks B, I will send you one if you send me your address.

  3. PS LC you should check out Handbag by Linocutboy - one of my tutors, and favourite genius printmakers