Friday, 9 December 2011

The cruel life of dancing bears

Intaglio version of the same plate. You can see the lines of the man's face, the tambourine and his hand were carved too deeply to hold the ink when printing it as an intaglio print, so they've printed as white.

Inspired by a dream I had about chained bears ...

This was made in a workshop using Japanese vinyl, which is soft like butter after carving into lino.

It is relief printing (that is, the ink sits on top of the plate, ie the bit that sticks up is what prints, and what is carved prints as blank space) unlike intaglio printing, in which the ink sits in the lines you carve and is squeezed out by the pressure of the press.

Today the teacher showed us how to use the same type of vinyl to make intaglio prints just by inking up in a different way. I printed this bear picture up today using the intaglio method too, and I think I like it better as an intaglio print. I'll post the intaglio version when I pick it up next week, so you can see the difference.

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