Saturday, 8 October 2011

More life drawing

I started a new life class with a magnificent tutor. He talks all through it... talks talks talks... but this is brilliant, as drawing can be a lonely business, especially when you don't know what you're doing. I'm still at a very basic level but am starting to see how it's done, now that he's handed me the tools for looking and for drawing, and I can see it coming together. It is a magic process.

This class also has a male model, which is good, as I've never drawn men before. I've noticed when we walk around and look at each other's work that it's not just me that avoids drawing his male bits. It is a surprisingly strong taboo, staring at a stranger's genitalia, especially in a room full of other strangers, even if you are there for that very purpose.

This charcoal drawing amused me, because though I couldn't see it from the angle I was drawing from, afterwards when I looked at it, a cartoon willy in the shape of a shadow had somehow sneaked in... It's what you might call a Freudian slip. Can you see it?

blurry cameraphone snap - was trying to avoid taking picture of the actual life model

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